Redford's Roleplay - | Serious RP | Friendly Admins | Hiring Police & EMS | Need Staff | Gangs | Rewarding Early Players!



The Redford’s Roleplay Staff aims to create a community that is laid back, fun, and engaging.
We are a 32 slot server based in the U.S. that runs Dunko’s VRP. We currently have some custom vehicles and scripts on the server.


  1. Local governments (I.E. Elected Mayors and Sheriffs)
  2. Registerable businesses: Buisness owners apply with a google form and are assigned a unique tracking number where you can be recognized by local governments. For example, you may want to register a security company so your employees can be authorized to carry ARs legally. Basically, businesses can be registered when they need special permissions to do something that an average citizen is not allowed to do.
  3. Gangs: Prospective criminals can send a google form to the staff, and become a official gang with custom discord tags.
  4. Areas of Jurisdiction: Different Police agencies have designated areas of operation for game balance. (Example: LSPD can’t perform traffic stops in Blaine county without good reason.)

We plan to include…

  1. Custom Housing
  2. A black market hub where players can sell illegal items safely
  3. More custom cars
  4. (POSSIBLY) National Guard, only if gangs get too out of hand
    We are looking for players currently, and are offering special gifts to those who join early, and those who bring friends to play with the server.
    Check us out; we are in need of Police Chiefs, EMS and staff
    You can find us in the server browser, but if you want to direct connect, our IP is
    See you there!