Red ligths


Does anyone here know how to make Bxbugs CVPI have only red ligths for Fire and Ems because when I try I get ligths that are bugged with all red and blue


Even though the textures were changed to red, the carcols are still trying to flash blue. Check the carcols.meta and try and convert it to all red.


I have but it doesn’t work


He should have a .oiv installer with red and red lights


He only has blue blue and blue red


I have but it doesn’t work

What do you mean?

The car should have come with a vehicles.meta, carvariations.meta, and a carcols.meta. In the carcols.meta,you need to change the blue lights to red.


No. To make them red lights is a texture file. Unless it’s the ELS CVPI to make it red lights you don’t need to change anything in a meta file.


I know but It doesn’t work I get something with blue and red and blue in the red


Can you pm the files and it’s not the els one


Bxbugs uses carcols.meta s often. So if you were to change the texture of the lights, it would make the actual light appear red, yes, but it would still flash blue.


but when i replaced the ligths to red with the carcols.meta it still did not work