Recruitment for Future FiveM server

Hello everyone, I am here to announce that I am looking for help in launching my new server. I am looking for server developers, TeamSpeak dev, staff members (sheriff, colonel, fire chief, civ director, etc). I am looking for people who are serious about dedicating their time to help launch a server that is based off of realistic roleplay. We will be an ESX based server with custom cars, gun models, etc. If you are interested please add me on Discord - EmperorWicked#5483 and we can discuss in detail more of what is expected. Thanks for reading. I currently have a FiveM server and a TS3 server are both up. I am in need of a TS3 dev who is familiar with how TS3 works. I will need to chat with that person before perms are given. :slight_smile:

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hit me up on discord Shelby M#7005

Send me an invite on discord. 82 | C. Norris#3837

Sorry for the late reply guys. I have contacted you both.

Added, Killdaa#0318

Added you

Hello again, I am still looking for several department head positions that need to be filled. PM on Discord if you are interested! :slight_smile:

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I have contacted you ~ shark6758#4259.

I am familiar with running departments etc as well as in the past setting up Teamspeak servers.

Hello. I am looking for a server developer who is looking to help out a small, growing community. Please PM me on here or Discord if you are interested

Add me FilipMB#4507

Add me if your still looking, PLOKMJNB#8692

I am in need of a Fire Chief aswell. Please DM me if you are interested in this position.