Hello, My name is Senior Corporal Joseph B., I am apart of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, We have been up for the past month and we have seen major player gain, we are currently hiring talented officers to RP with us. We have had bumps in the road but we haven’t fallen and kept getting stronger, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and that is very true. I have been here for a while and I see the community going places. This community has become family to me. Being here has been a kite, as a cadet i felt like i couldn’t make it to the top, that is like when your kite is laying on the ground not moving and you don’t think your able to get it up into the sky. Moving up the ranks was such a great time and everyone helping me enjoy and RP. This is like when your kite is hovering up in the sky not going far but you can feel it will go places. When I rose even higher in ranks I knew that I was going places, i knew i could make a difference. I wanted to help everyone in the community with their kite and help it get into the sky and pull it with them until they were off on their own. In return everyone helped me with my kite to rise up far into the sky I have devoted my time to help grow this community and help others. I can safely say that everyone in this community is willing to help new members get their kite flying and have a great time & experience. We are looking forward to having you as we have San Andreas Highway Patrol, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, our Civilian Department and Dispatch. We are also looking for people to start up our Fire Division.

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The departments we have are…
Civilian Operations
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Dispatch Operations

As a Civilian you are allowed to create jobs and gangs and more.
We have Custom cars
Menu Based
Active Friendly Staff
Server Details
Discord: https://discord.gg/ha4aHaU 17
Website : https://sanandreaslawjustice.mistforums.com/ 1
Server IP:

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