[Recruiting][ENG] Hydrid Roleplay | Non - ELS | Menu-Based | Custom Trucks And Cars | LA Based | Hiring All Departments | Hiring Staff




Server Description -
HRP Is A Newly Formed Community By The Old Owner Of The Actual California Highway Patrol Server, That Was Shut Down Due To Drama. Now We Have Created A New Server Better Than Ever. We Are Developing A Custom CAD/MDT, Not Bubble, And Are Inviting You To Join Us In The Future Ahead Of Us.

Departments -
CHP - LAPD - LASD - SWAT - Civilian (Tiers)

Staff Positions -
Managers - Administrator - Moderator - Scripter - Modeler

Features -
Fuel Scripts - Modified Scripts - Custom Trucks - Custom Police Cars - Custom CAD/MDT (SOON)

Pictures -
Nothing (SOON)-

Server Info -
Discord - https://discord.gg/R3cHN8E
Website - https://hydridservers.mistforums.com/
Internet Protocol (IP) -


San Andreas Department of Public Justice is a really good roleplay community their staff is very helpful and nice especially when i joined they helped me out so much and i really recommend this server to anyone who is looking to join a rp community.


Great server, the cars are amazing! Staff are nice. RP is also great!

  • Probationary Moderator


For this server to be brand new i am suprised at how developed they are. They have everything from custom in house models to beautiful custom skins. I give this Community a 10/10. Not to mention they have one of the best CADs ive seen in awhile!!!


Hi I am the Leading Owner of this server, if you are still reading the comments on this post and have any questions about the server join the discord in the link provided at the top and me or my amazing staff team will happily answer any of your questions or reply to any suggestions. Thank you for the support


Good Server! Fun to play on!