Recreate LSPDFR in lua (Traffic Stops, Pursuits, etc..)


So, I would like some help from a more experienced developer (even a startup, as long as we can work together to get this done) to create a basic LSPDFR implementation to where we can pull over AI, get into pursuits with AI, etc…

The thought came to me last night when I installed PoliceMod 1.0c and realized how well the traffic stops work with the AI << Sarcasm intended >> The part I realized was, the AI did come to a stop and you were able to “speak” with it. All other Officers in the server could see it as well.

All in all, I don’t know lua that well, and have been reading up on it. I just don’t know where to start, but seeing as I don’t want to just make “another PLACE NAME OF SCIPT HERE” to start off with, I figured if anyone wants to partake in doing a task this big (cause I know it will be), it will allow me to learn as well as actually get this to come out faster to the other members.

Starkka15 AKA MisterVictory


These guys are already doing something very very similar to LSPDFR


Nice, then I guess we can close this, lol