Recommended VPS?


What VPS do you guys recommend? I’m looking at either OVH or VPSDime… but I’m not really sure what server options to use.

Please help me lol



Honestly they are really good


I personally use and they’re been really good. I’ve had VPS, hosting, dedi’s in the past for various things and VPS is by far the best support team imo. The pricing is decent as well. I have the $7 Linux server. I know someone over the last couple days has said they’ve had issues with OVH and constantly dropping. I haven’t had any issues dropping and like I said if you have issues they’re support team is really damn good. They usually get back to you in about 10-15 mins from your ticket.

VPS also had a refund policy of three days so if you don’t like it or whatever you’re able to get your money back. They also have a free control panel you can ask for and they can install it for you if you don’t want to just use SSH.

Either way hope you find the right place for ya.


It depends on your skills with computers and your preferences, do you know how to use a linux terminal and or do you prefer a windows machine with the desktop environment


Just for future reference - DON’T order from OVH. I know a server (not FiveM) who used OVH. They’ve been having problems recently and big websites have gone down and their customer support were pretty bad. They also deleted that server’s forums so categories have had to be moved to Discord. They’re now with another host and they’ve got some new forums.