Recommendations for a new player friendly server


As title states, looking for a new player friendly RP server. New to FiveM/Discord however am adapt at picking up quite well. Experience in RP and character development, just not in this case! Would like to join a server that won’t run me out for my cluelessness. Preference to go to a Civ role until my knowledge of FiveM is expanded; age requirements are not an issue - though 18+ servers are preferred but not an end all be all.

Thanks in advance


Hello, we are looking for members and staff members for just about every department. If you would like to see our post look here: (16+) Looking for mature & experienced staff / department heads! and if you would like to join our discord then join here: . Have a great day! ~Deputy Director | Keegan P.


Hello there I’m Eagle with The San Andreas Department of Public Safety. We are very “noob” friendly here, in fact our civilian moderator was a new player to Fivem, but had years of RP experience when she first joined. We would love to have you in our community, even if you end up using us as a stepping-stone to get you in one of the larger communities out there. Our most important rule is that you treat your Fivem experience like real life, if you take that with you them I’m sure you will do great with us. I would send you a discord invite but unfortunatly my discord is down so I’m going to have to wait a bit


there you go


Come on down and join Wayne County Roleplay today!

Are you tired of all the RDMs, VDMs, and Trolls. Well you have found the right add because we are a community with active admins and staff and we take roleplay serious. We are realistic and we are on daily. We do not have PATROLS, Citizens are CITIZENS and if you are in Law Enforcement welp find out if one is on duty and you’ll see and joy the experience on the server.!

We have multiple department that are now hiring:

  1. Michigan State Police
  2. Detroit Police Department
  3. Detroit Fire Department
  4. Michigan Public Safety Communications Center (911 Dispatcher)

We have multiple businesses that are looking to hire employees

  1. Great Lakes Luxury Taxi
  2. Billy Bob’s Towing Services
  3. Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club
  4. Michigan State Bank

If you are interested in Roleplaying as a Truck Driver, ensure you haul your trailer and make some money, Just be careful because the Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is cracking down on truck inspections daily.

We base our state laws from Michigan, We aren’t asking you to know the law but ensure to read the law once you join our forums.

Come join the fun journey and apply today for verified membership.

Server Location & Information

Server Location: Detroit, MI
Discord Invite:
Server IP:
Teamspeak 3 IP:



i look for a fivem server to play on how do i apply to play on this server can someone help me


come join our welcoming discord we are a new community looking for members


hmm …am looking too


Come join City of Toronto Roleplay, we’re friendly and have a established staff team, we’d love to have you!


[CBRP] Crystal Bay Role Play (In need of Civilians, Police, EMS, Fire, Dispatch, etc)
Crystal Bay Department of Justice RP a new community, who needs Devs, Staff, and a lot of Civs!

             As it stands the Following roles are Available.

Server Developers / Texture Makers /

Texturing work is a must for right now!

Looking for staff at this time. [This could change at any given time.] [Need Training]

[We will use OpenCAD for now, you DO NOT need to know how to work the platform, we will teach you! We will also have a penal-sheet written for the Officers to use during patrols.]

Head of Communications [Need Training]
Experienced Dispatchers [Need Training]
Un-experienced Dispatchers [Need Training]

Law Enforcement
Experience officers [Need Training]
Unexperienced Officers [Need Training]

Fire Department
We run off of a Commissioner base.
We require a Fire Commissioner to run the department as it’s whole. [Need Training]
[Rosters / Veh. Rosters]
The entire Fire Department is available at this time.

Experienced / Unexperienced Welcomed! [Need Training]

Emergency Medical Services
Runs off of a more complex system, like the Fire Department. This will ensure the EMS operations run
smoothly with organized roles.
The Entire Department is available.

Experienced / Unexperienced Welcomed! [Need Training]

Civilian Operations
We need as many civilians as we can get. As we are heavily recruiting cops, we are also heavily recruiting Civilians.

Our rules are simple when it comes to roleplay. Be sensible with your RP. You can Fly planes, you can
do what most RP servers do not allow, as long as you can be realistic, or sensible. RDM and VDM are
still not allowed, along with most of our rules that of which can be read from our discord information

Please do consider joining! We appreciate all the help we can get.


ASRP is looking for new members! we are a small community with about 15 members. we are a new server, with State Police, B.C.S.O., L.S.S.D., Sandy Shores PD, Paleto Bay PD, and L.S.P.D. Civ roles are available. There are Staff positions as well. We are serious about RP, but love to have fun as well.