Receipt sockets in server script



I’m relatively new in LUA but I have strong skills in C# and other similar languages.
First at all, i have search on this forum if we can use a c# plugin for the server usage but unfortunately I saw we can’t… maybe I’m wrong ? Or you can help me about that ? Why this question… because in c# I know easily how to play with udp/tcp sockets.
So If it’s really impossible to do some c# in server side for FiveM maybe we can do that in LUA (I hope).

Do you know how to implement the possibility to receipt sockets in LUA ? I have tried to use Luasocket for that but it’s not well documented and a bit complex to implement for can easily distribute this script to the open source community later… Do you have some ideas for implement the usage of this library or an other way to receipt sockets ?

Thank u so much for your help.


Hi, check out this project: