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Welcome To RealLifeRoleplay,

In this community we’re trying to get the realism right. That is why all aspects of roleplay are supported on this server. Anything is possible! You want to sell illegal drugs to NPCs? No Problem. You want to fly an Airbus A320? Sure thing, you’ll just have to pass the tests though :pen:. Want to become a LEO? We have three seperate divisions available and Looking to hire! Want to be a JDM collector? Then Global Eastern Imports is the place to go to! How about something more exclusive? Go to Hypebeast Motors to get your Merc or Beamer. A city full of roleplay and joy awaits you!

The server features many other resources which have been added to regular esx. Additional Jobs and features such as Delivering Items, Do Illegal Cargo Runs, Burglary, and Selling Illegal Drugs to NPCs have been added to the server. Auctions will also be taking place regularly once the Player base of the server has grown to a sufficient amount.


                              Additional Assets
  • VStancer - Pimp and stance up your JDM or European whip by chambering and lowering the Vehicle

  • EUP - Allows better LEO roleplay by adding custom clothing for MP characters

  • Teleport Interiors - Availability to teleport to an ATC Tower or into a Casino expands the roleplay on the server

  • Custom Civilian Clothing - LV, Gucci, Nike, and other custom clothes can be found on the server!

  • Pleanty of esx jobs and single standing scripts to earn cash!

  • Custom CAD System for Civilians, Law Enforcement, Security and Towing


                             LEO Experience 


  • Added animations allow peds to talk into a walkie talkie or write tickets and fold their arms

  • Each police division (SAHP, BCSO, LSPD and The FBI) is equipped with unique vehicles and set to a specific area. All three divisions are currently looking for recruits and people to join the department!


  • Picture of the BCSO fleet. of course the challanger is for the Sheriff himself :wink:


  • The implemented Police Interaction Script gives officers more stuff to do on a quiet day



  • Many iconic locations such as the SAHP Headquaters can be spotted on the map through blips


  • It might only just be a Toyota Camry, but you can’t go more under cover than that :sunglasses:


  • Is police paperwork to stressing? Then being a Paul Blart is the best option for ya! Anyone can do it and there is free donuts :doughnut:



  • Many custom planes have been added to make a new roleplaying section possible! Of course there needs to be a mandatory tier of education about Aviation. We’re also currently looking for a Trainer in this area of roleplay.


  • The weather never follows and rules


  • Working as a air traffic controler is also possible! We made it possible through the addition for an interior with views onto all 3 runways at LSIA


                                Car Dealerships

                               Los Santos Exotics
  • Welcome to Los Santos Exotics! Here at LSE we try to give You the felling of absolute upper-class. Not only does our dealership reflect this experience, but so does the vehicles that comewith it!


  • You have the Gold Customer Tag? Then we welcome you to the Exclusive Car Event Facility which only the best customers are invited to!


                                 Funny Garage
  • Funny Garage: A place which is home to offroading freaks and :bike: fans!


  • Experience adventures like never before made possible by FunnyGarage!


                               Street Side Classics


  • Want to afford a Ferrari, but only have 80k? SSC offers top condition classics for remarkable Prices

                            Global Eastern Imports


  • In love with European & Japanese, but have no clue where to get them? Then you’re at the right location here. GEI Offers anything from $10,000 up to $200,000. Perfect place to start your collection.


                                Hypebeast Motors


  • The place for muscle, street and sport. In the picture, a 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 powered by a 755hp V8 engine.
Further Pictures


  • 2019 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spider


  • 2019 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spider


  • 2019 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spider


  • 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR


  • Working as a Pizza Deliverant


  • Toy Story?


  • CGPhone w/ Working Calls

I hope to see you soon on RealLifeRoleplay :smiley: Press ME to join our server!

Looking For

Currently looking for members and LEO


Great new server, helpfull owner and loads of stuff to do :slight_smile:

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New To RealLifeRoleplay:

New To RealLifeRoleplay:

  • New Inventory System which allows objects to be placed in trunks and is synced all around the server
  • Jailing System with custom interior!

New To RealLifeRoleplay:

  • New Phone System. Thanks to CGPhone we now have working phone calls & text messages! Twitter can also be found on the phone. Keybind for the phone is F5

  • Police Interaction Script has also been implemented! Giving LEO more rp when the server is pretty empty

New To RealLifeRoleplay:

  • More Real Estate Including Villas & Garages For Storage & Tuning

  • Refined The Inventory HUD Script & Added More Icons

  • Added Calls To Work On The GCPhone Script

Bumpediy Bump

New To RealLifeRoleplay:

  • Added Items At 24/7 and other stores
New Items

Burger Icon In Inventory
Fishingrod & Fishbait
Cru Wine
Lays Chips
Almdudler Limonade
Chocolate Bar
More To Come

  • New Animation Menu & Car Interaction Script



New To RealLifeRoleplay:

  • New Weapons On Back System

  • New Robbery Scripts For Vangelico & Fleeca Banks

Nice will be joining

am I whitelisted yet?

hi im struggling to find your server, iv searched for it on tracky but doesnt come up with anything

The Server was down when you searched for it! Should be available now!

ok thanks

is your server whitelisted, if so how do i apply, i have got previous on an RP server, there i am an admin and a bunch of other things

The discord link is in the post above!

thanks for your help, will definitely check it out, an its possible i will be able to bring a few friends with me if that would be ok