Realistic Ped Damage


I was wondering if there was a way where gun shot wounds actually affect people, for example if you shoot them in the leg they fall on to the floor and can’t move, just because people just get shot by a cop once but don’t roleplay it out, they just carry on running or attacking you.


Hm. Sounds like something interesting, I will have to look into something like this sometime? :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’re looking for a script that ragdolls someone when they get shot in a certain body part. Far as I know, that’s not a thing.


I used to play on a server called Eclipse RP, and they had a similar thing, when you took damage your started limping when you walked.


They also have that in zombie servers


Its sounds like this i think . Think you can add it to a ragdoll script :slight_smile:


This is actually cool :thinking:


This is a thing because the nopixel servers have the same exact same I want it really bad I just don’t know how to get it


Let me correct myself then, as far as I know this isn’t a thing as far as a public release goes. Servers still have their own private stuff.


Sorry for correcting you I was wondering is there any way we can port something like this over?


Yes… Just do a ragdoll script or search for it…



Thanks. 202020202020