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Recently, a new project has risen to the FiveM community, a server that focuses on simplicity and character immersion. Real World Roleplay is a server led by GoonOnFire.

If you have ever watched videos on YouTube produced by Bay Area Buggs and have enjoyed the way their server is set up, that you have the option to design the way you RolePlay, you will most certainly enjoy playing at Real World Roleplay as well. We have decided to go with the overall setting of DoJ (Department of Justice). The server receives daily updates which ensures you have all the options to create any kind of a scenario you wish.


Key Features:

  • Server-side mod menu, which allows you to spawn vehicles, change your skin…etc.

  • Custom add-on vehicles (OVER 50 CIVILIAN VEHICLES!).

  • Custom text system (private messaging).

  • Custom public-alerts system.

  • Ability to put vehicles onto your flatbed (/tow).

  • Custom scripted ID-showing system (/showid [First name] [Last name]).

  • Fully functional CAD/MDT system.

  • Character creation, vehicle registration, toggle warrants, set citations, toggle your vehicles insurance status, registration status - all via the /civ menu.

  • Fully functional fuel system.

  • Job system (/team [civ, taxi, tow]).

  • Trained Law Enforcement Officers and EMS workers.

  • Functional animations/emotes system (/emotes).


These are just a few key features to be mentioned, the rest of the features you will have to find out yourself! Join the Discord to get notified about the new updates. All LEO and EMS departments are available to apply for, the applications are provided on our Discord server! Make sure you apply, the best applications receive a higher rank in the department!

Hope to see you soon, until then, take it easy and keep the hype up!

Useful Links:

Bay Area Buggs:
GoonOnFire (owner of the server):
Server IP :


you may want to enable endpoint protection since your players’ IP addresses are exposed.



it’s not, remove the “#” infront of it, since your endpoints are still exposed.


Update 1

• Added a number of civilian modded vehicles, the list can be found on our Discord server.

• Swapped out our current handcuff/arrest script with a new, permission based one.


Update 2

• Modified the server-side mod menu to allow a bigger number of possible RP scenarios.


Update 3

I forgot to list the server IP for those who don’t have Discord -


Update 4

Register yourself as a citizien

  • /newname [First name] [Last name]

Set a warrant on your character

  • /warrant

Set an amount of citations your character has gotten

  • /citations [Amount]

Register your vehicle

  • /newveh [Number plate]

Mark your vehicle as stolen

  • /stolen

Mark your vehicles insurance status

  • /insured

Mark your vehicles registration status

  • /registered


Update 5

Added a few map mods to allow better character immersion


Update 6

  • Added emotes (/emotes)


Update 7

  • Snow has been added
  • Time, weather has been synchronized, fixed the issue whereas new players wouldn’t see the weather set by admins.


Update 7

  • All MDT/CAD commands have been removed, they have been re-worked into a menu.
  • The menu is accessible via /civ.



911 MENU



  • Added a very basic money-system to allow writing of tickets and actually giving civilians something they’re scared to lose. (The vehicle in the picture is a Porsche 944 Turbo)
  • Law Enforcement Officers now have the animations for talking into their radios, holstering weapons.



  • Vehicles must now be manually stopped/started. This will allow exiting from a vehicle, but leaving the engine on.
  • Vehicles can now be locked. You require the key first, which you obtain by entering your vehicle and pressing “U”. Locking/unlocking can be done using U from that point on (only with your car though).



  • Given the annoying scheme of doing /engine everytime you enter/spawn a vehicle, it has now been replaced. The vehicle starts automatically upon entering one. The engine does remain on after exiting one, though. To stop the engine, you must turn it off using /engine.



  • Removed the server-side trainer and enabled scripthook. The usage of Lambda menu is now supported.




Yeah, depends on the point of view. The community insisted that we use the Lambda Menu instead of the Mello trainer. :confused:


Then your community is plain stupid. using lambda causes 70% more crashes and you have a higher risk of getting cheaters on your server.


That’s an issue we’re facing right now, yes. I’m still hoping that ONE DAY lambda will be made server-side too.