🌎 REAL Developers! (Lua/C#/Etc) | The Refuge™ wants YOU!


Website: www.TheRefugeRP.com
Discord: discord.gg/rWMuShe

*Disclaimer: You will work directly under our lead developer who has a degree in computer science, and teaches coding at the collegiate level. If you have equal/higher credentials we will find you a suitable role that reflects your education and performance.

The Refuge RP is a project being kept under-wraps until we are ready to launch. We are not your typical FiveM server. The Refuge is operated like a business, and overseen by mature and competent adults.

We currently have a development team of:

(2) Lua/FiveM developers (Lua, C#, Java, Html, etc) (WANTED IF KNOWLEDGEABLE)
(1) Html/CSS developer
(?) Vehicle Developer (WANTED)
(?) EUP Developer (WANTED) (I currently perform these task until filled)

The Refuge RP is operated like a business, and we are aiming to provide this community with a viable environment for high quality roleplay. If you are interested in discussing a future within The Refuge RP feel free to contact me via FiveM PM or Discord DM. If you are planning to inquire about joining the development team please have examples of past work available.

This server is ran in a very professional manner, and will be focused on Realism RP. We have experience from some of the largest named communities on FiveM. We are willing to provide you with our “roadmap” for the server as well as answer any questions you have.

Other positions that will we will be filling in the near future will be posted below. These applications will be lengthy, and will take effort. Positions within The Refuge RP will not be handed out, and we will continue to perform the duties of those positions until a suitable candidate is found.

  • Head Admin (Oversee staff of entire community)
    -Admins (Handle escalated tickets and provide quality control in server)
    -Moderators (Manage escalated task/tickets and forums)
  • Support Managers (Support team leader, delegate task and manage ticket system)
    -Sr Support (Provide guidance to Support/Trial Support. Handle tickets)
    -Support (Handle support tickets)
    -Trial Support (Learn how to handle support tickets)

Law enforcement and Emergency Medical Services will be be a very large contributor to the server. Players who obtain these jobs will be held to a high standard. These jobs will not be easily obtained and new recruits will undergo interviews, training classes, and FTO time prior to being on the streets alone. These divisions will be led by knowledgeable and professional individuals who are proficient in their respective divisions. Here at The Refuge we bring real life experience to our departments to provide our players with an unparalleled level of realism and training.

Cick here to view LSPD/BCSD Photos

This server will under constant development. We will have weekly community meetings where the players will get to express concerns and ask questions pertaining to the servers health as well as the future of the server. Our staff will be tasked with handling things such as RP quality control, player reports, player refunds, and support tickets. We will provide support across all time zones to ensure each player having an issues within the server experiences minimal downtime and frustrations.

Click here to view what we offer
  • Github use for development department
  • Private Development Test Server
  • Assignment to projects you enjoy
  • Unique Integrated TS3 VOIP
  • Clean user-friendly HTML/CSS clickable In-game-Menu system
  • Custom jobs
  • Advancement tiers within your profession
  • Player owned/managed businesses
  • Complex drug system
  • LSPD/BSCO/SAFD professional hiring process
  • Stunning PD/EMS Vehicle/Peds
  • Custom EUP
  • Custom Cellphone/Radios
  • Much more!

Discord: Shook#8694

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Looking for developer..!
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Great server with cool Staff.


If you’re still looking for developers, I’m a Senior in CSCI going for a certificate in Data Science, with extensive experience in SQL. I’d be interested in joining the team as a way to build my resume in Data. Let me know.


These guys not only have a vision but the work ethic to turn that vision into reality. The Refuge RP will be a highly sought after community to be apart of and I highly recommend checking them out ! Fantastic down - to - earth staff who put immense amount of time and effort to this project.

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:white_check_mark: F2 RP | Looking For All MAJOR Positions (Developers, Police, EMS, etc.)

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Always looking to grow.