[RE-RELEASE] esx_eden garage



Im getting this message for every car

“You can not store this vehicle”


To Store your Vehicle it is Red circle


How do I traslate it from French to English I don’t see a locale file


Everything was in like French


ofc everything is in french because i comes directly from my server and do upload it in french and people can use google translate it .
ti translate it for you it is go and get your vehicle becasue it is still somewhere around the globe


i cant get it to store my car i click park and nonthing happens


im getting this error

es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [eden_garage:stockv] does not exist


I think you got wrong version or so because like you can see there is a register callback


image What is wrong here? The cars after buy dont save.


you have no id column


How to get the impound garage to work for police or mecano. Where to paste those 4 lines?



it’s written in the read me :slight_smile:


it says where you take your duty but where to find?


I found it :smiley:


Where Jimilianz ?


How do i fix? :confused:

This happens whenm i try to open the garage menu.


unkown column plate … just read the error :slight_smile:


yea in the ‘where’ clause, fix your code lmao


Added to the server the readme is very vague on where to put the codes even with a table marked as needed we can put a vehicle in but the list is gone for trying to take one out and shows no error

this is my table


You know what an I’d is right? You know what a primary key is? The way it is now all players can only have 1 car, in fact 0 because your I’d is null