[RE-RELEASE] esx_eden garage



Okey thanks for a great plugin anyway! I could not find the player impound then, only a marker that you could access if you were a mecano.


Thanks, yeah your correct so I removed five cars from my account in the DB and it works again so yeah wow that was it. Simple fix at least, oh well time to sell some cars I guess.


do not forget to update your sql and read the readme (must maybe rewritten if not understandable)

ALTER TABLE `owned_vehicles` ADD INDEX `vehsowned` (`owner`);
ALTER TABLE `owned_vehicles` ADD `fourrieremecano` BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT FALSE;
ALTER TABLE `owned_vehicles` ADD `vehiclename` varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'voiture';


so how much vehicle do you have then ?

yea had same error with esx_property… had long searching before i knew what it was


What this means?



lol im dumb its literally telling me what i have to do xD


Why my plate is empty? it doesnt let me put the vehicle in the garage… :confused:


becaus elike i said previously, i dont use plate as PK i use id instead
here i can see you got owner as PK, and that is not correct, alter the table with id and autoincrement it and it will work


Psst you should use plate, or maybe your own unique id system?


Thank you, it worked. :slight_smile:


Just one more thing please, why is this happening?


You’ve got more than one vehicle with that plate in the database. You’ll need to remove all but one as plates must be unique.


Somebady can help?


read what the error is …


but how can i make it works?


insert the table you need :slight_smile:



read the error and you will understand what you need to do


I have problem. All folders are in the FTP, sql file is in the sql but there is no garages on the server. Also impounds too. Where is the problem. In config the start eden garage … is after the vehicle shop. Anybody can help me?


read and you ll understand
last words are most important