[RE-RELEASE] esx_eden garage



you will have to edit server.lua


how come when i buy the police car at the car dealer and try to store it it says “this vehicle cant be stored” i can only take it out of garage but when i fix it up i cannot store it.


yeah i guessed so, ill do that later.


Because the table you already inserted with ezx_vehicleshop. I gave just sql to adapt the sql with Eden garage


fixed it ty. sorry for the trouble.


But the esx_vehicleshop doesnt add a mysql column named id in owned_vehicles


how did you fix it? can you help please


I was using his old esx_eden_garage. i downloaded the new one with the mecano garage and it worked perfectly fine. all i had to do was translate some lines in the client.lua


Could you share your fix for this ?:slight_smile:


You are using the new vehicleshop.


esx_eden_garage.rar (8.4 KB)


Any idea why when i use your version, i get the vehicle out fine the first time, store it again in the public garage and then am not able to get it back out?

When i check my database, before i retrieve it from the garage the first time the state is set to 1 (or true) after it removes it from the garage it changes the state to 0 (or false) as its supposed to do. But when i go to store the vehicle again, it does not change the state back to 1.

only thing showing in console is…
Updating State


Anyway to store the damage and update the damage on spawning of the vehicle? So this can not be used to instantly fix cars. using the old vehicleshop using the old version of vehicle shop


Fix the god damn bug that it goes duplicated whenever people spawn their cars…


There is no God damn Bug


There is. Go to es extended then function Lua. There you ll see all vehicle mods add there vehicle health engine health and so on… Add there all things you want


Hey, i need help with this garage and GHMattiSQL, i tried few version, currently trying version from @Shyricaus , but i guess im missing something…


Johnny Pernik you installed sql that add in the table the state line…


eden_garage.sql (113 Bytes)


Nah, thats not helping. It has probably something to do with GHMattiMySQL handling BOOLEAN.