[RE-RELEASE] esx_eden garage



read your error, it is writiien in it, ou don’t have id column


I already added manually one digit after each car plate in DATA so it matches the record in PLATE.


Just use a trim function for the plate match to remove the whitespace. It resolved the plate match issues in my eden_garage completely.

function all_trim(s)
  return s:match"^%s*(.*)":match"(.-)%s*$"

ESX.RegisterServerCallback('eden_garage:stockv',function(source,cb, vehicleProps, veh)
	local isFound = false
	local _source = source
	local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(_source)
	local vehicules = getPlayerVehicles(xPlayer.getIdentifier())
	local cplate = vehicleProps.plate
	--print('veh: ',dump(veh))
		for _,v in pairs(vehicules) do
			if(all_trim(cplate) == all_trim(v.plate))then


I ll do that today


Hi guys
I need some help :confused:

Where i drop ???

I don’t understand wour ReadMe.md
if you want the impound of police and mecano to work, paste those lines when you take your duty

I’m sorry but i’m not English


plz help… cant store vehicle in the garage
its just show my plate number


Any ideas whats going on here?

Edit: Seems this error cleared up overnight. Weird. Must’ve been an issue with the servers internet.


Check your default value of job field, must NULL not NONE


you could help me with the theme of [Release] PD Impound [ESX] ?

took a couple of days looking for the solution, making code and I do not get that when I put in the menu of police and mechanic to seize, I do not get this:



i can put cars in the garage but not take them out how can i fix this ?
so that people can buy cars again


How can i delete a player’s vehicle, i already tried to delete from the owned_vehicles table in HeidiSQL.

But the vehicles are still there.

HElp me please


Is there a way to hide certain blips and markers to make an undercover garage for mafia, gang etc. ?
I tried to make an if statement in esx_jb_eden_garage2_cl but, its crashing the script.


I have an issue where, whenever I open the esx eden garage or to be honest stuff like es_admin also after I try to close out it will close or either stay open with the cursor still on and its like frozen.das


Hi, i use first version of esx_eden_garage but the problem is vehicle always impounded after few minutes. Is there anyone know how to fix this? i’ve read previous comment but still no idea to find solution.
Please help, thanks


How do I fix the dupe glitch in garage 2?


How can I put in version 1 the recover vehicle?


Has someone got this working?


How can I remove in version 1 that I charge you for saving it?


love u. i dont speak english, but i can say love u guys


Charge what ?