[RE-RELEASE] esx_eden garage



Here’s the function I use:

function all_trim(s)
  return s:match"^%s*(.*)":match"(.-)%s*$"

Just wrap that around your plate vars when checking against something and it should work fine:

if(all_trim(cplate) == all_trim(v.plate))then


I have sent you PM.


So im sure this tends to be a very repetitive question, but im so lost and not sure what to do here, so any help would be much appreciated! We are attempting to install the eden garage, but when its placed in the server nothing happens or shows up? Is it due to the fact we have esx garage still? Do we have to remove the base one and only use eden?


It’s not designed to run in conjunction with another garage system. Pick one and run with it.


do you have ft_libs installed?


I do not, is it required to function?


yes it is


That’s the issue then! I appreciate the help, ill throw that in…fingers crossed itll work out :slight_smile:


should be good after that brotha


SO it seems to be working a bit, but for some reason when I put my vehicle into the garage, the menu to get the vehicle doesn’t work. Any thoughts on what could be causing the error?


its in french, might have to redo the language, might help a bit i have been working on this mod a while trying to get it all working correctly its a PIA to say the least but, most of the guys in here will help best they can as with most of the scripts and mods in fivem they have alot of issues…


Trying to figure how to translate it now lol, not sure where the language is but ill find it. One last question and ill stop buggin you lol. So previously the esx had garage that automatically build the table. So now it wont let me import the eden garage sql, does that matter? Since the table includes the information its trying to add in?


NP and yea you will need the SQL imported from new release of eden


So that may be the problem then, not sure how to import it since it keeps giving me an error that the table already exists :hushed:


So we have it all enabled but when someone puts the car in the garage it wont let them pull it out??


how do you insert the sql on zaphosting


it is normally a dependency :slight_smile:


download an external program to insert your sql
like heidi sql or navicat


you certainly do not have configured it corectly


yea thats an easier workaround then i did, but normally i did fix that issue because of the whitespace in the plate.