[RE-RELEASE] esx_eden garage



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I’ll test here


Car spawns at impound. Whats up with that?


Weird issue here:
Using garage version 1, altered table to have one more column “vehicleType” for boat shop, where the value is either “car” or “boat”.
Working great with the boat spawn location where it only shows all my owned boats, but on the normal car garages it shows both cars and boats…
You can imagine what happens when you take out of your garage a huge boat in the middle of the parking lot in the middle of the city :wink:
How to check for “vehicleType” for value “car” and only to show proper land vehicles in my eden garage?

Thank you for your help in advance.
Also - Happy New Year !!!


does anyone know how to tell me how to do it when I take the vehicle from hrp_pd_impound not to get back in the impound of esx_jb_eden_garage2


Jager_Bom could you please give me a hand


park it in the garage?


type when you take the vehicle from hrp_pd_impound, you’re getting it back in the yellow circle


in case it was not supposed to be able to get it because it is like 0 in the database but would be able to catch even being 0


“0” stands for out on the road OR in the impound. “1” stands for in garage


case and that when my car is out of the garage I should not be able to pick it up on the impound.

more when I shoot him from hrp_pd_impound I can get him in the yellow circle, but I should not take it because I have a car in my hands


someone got make it work with PD Impound [ESX]


You have new or old version of vehicle shop? If you got old version look in releases and there you got garage for old versions


In sql statement you have to select * from owned vehicles where identifiers = I’d and vehicle type =type

And I’d and type are you’re variables


You should not use 2 garages systems. If you really want you can but make shure they work together


I got it resolved already, thank you anyway for the attention


Thx you so much!! It work it :heart_eyes:


would have as players can not save the vehicles with damage


Started getting an error every time someone tries to take out a vehicle. :frowning:


for those who are having some mistake with the garage, may be why you forgot to do it

Then go in [essential]/es_extended/client/functions.lua at line 644 change this :

		plate             = ESX.Math.Trim(GetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle)),

to this :

		plate             = GetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle),	

Then restart, delete cache folder … My vehicle shop work correctly with this btw no probem with eden_garage2 !
Hope it helps you :wink: