[RE-RELEASE] esx_eden garage



should be fixed now :slight_smile:


I did everything but still nofthing. I dont have blib on map and nofthing is on legion please help


Nofthing there like i dont know what to do now


did you install dependency ? have yuo any errors clientsided / server sided ?


what is dependency?


with a bit a research


how to install dependency?


pls help how to install dependency im noob like a minecraft steve guy please help


did you even read the read me , i dont write the read me for nothing wtf … people like you make me made, don’t read anything just install then oh doesn’t work, well i say i can’t help …


Pls tranzlate to english me dont speak london…

This is in the read.me


Garage privé basé sur ESX

Requirement :

Le garage prends en compte uniquement les véhicules achetés dans le concessionaire et aussi les véhicules qui sont dehors ou non.
Lors d’un reboot tous les véhicules passe en rentré.

  1. Il faut appliquer le SQL
  2. Mettre la resource dans votre server.cfg
  3. Modifier la config pour ajouter garage ou modifier


  • Certains véhicules sont impossible à rentrer
  • En cherchant bien il est possible de dupliquer les véhicules

Nous travaillons dessus.

Fonctionnement :
Entrez dans le cercle vert a pied pour sortir un vehicule, entre dans le cercle rouge avec votre vehicule pour le rentrer si le vehicule est endomagé un menu vous annonce le montant de la facture vous pouvez la payer pour rentrer le vehicule ou aller voir un mécano


are you using garage 1 or 2? you don’t provide any info …


im using garage 1


btw google translate exists …

so ok your using version 1. could you explain what is going whong, what version of vehicle shop you use ? version of sql ,…all info i should need to help you




How fix it so that after pulling the car out of the garage, you can not pull it out again? I mean is that the car in the garage can be pulled out infinity


it cant, if you have a bug, you configured it wrongly or maybe you need to change state = true to state = “1”


I have it configured so:


for garage2 you dont need id and you are missing some values.


Now i fixed it, but if i return the car, the car appears in the impound always.


you fixed the situation that anyone can save my car and it goes to garage and to the apprehension patio