[RE-RELEASE] esx_eden garage



For me it’s automaticly with set vehicle properties because I did change es extended


I want the player to pay for the repair in order to save the vehicle


thats up to you to do it :slight_smile: how you want


I have had all the things in es_extended for the vehicles health , the vehicle.props are no store in the database , but when i takeout a vehicule he has a low enginehealth that not corresponding with the database


you have to put getvehiclehealth and setvehiclehealth in es_extended. you did both ?

ESX.Game.GetVehicleProperties = function(vehicle)

  local color1, color2               = GetVehicleColours(vehicle)
  local pearlescentColor, wheelColor = GetVehicleExtraColours(vehicle)

  return {

    model             = GetEntityModel(vehicle),

    plate             = GetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle),
    plateIndex        = GetVehicleNumberPlateTextIndex(vehicle),

    health            = GetEntityHealth(vehicle),
    bodyHealth        = GetVehicleBodyHealth(vehicle),
    engineHealth      = GetVehicleEngineHealth(vehicle),
    fuelLevel    	  = GetVehicleFuelLevel(vehicle),
    dirtLevel         = GetVehicleDirtLevel(vehicle),



ESX.Game.SetVehicleProperties = function(vehicle, props)

  SetVehicleModKit(vehicle,  0)

  if props.plate ~= nil then
    SetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle,  props.plate)

  if props.plateIndex ~= nil then
    SetVehicleNumberPlateTextIndex(vehicle,  props.plateIndex)

  if props.health ~= nil then
    SetEntityHealth(vehicle,  props.health)
  if props.bodyHealth ~= nil then
    SetVehicleBodyHealth(vehicle,  props.bodyHealth)
  if props.engineHealth ~= nil then
    SetVehicleEngineHealth(vehicle,  props.engineHealth)

  if props.dirtLevel ~= nil then
    SetVehicleDirtLevel(vehicle,  props.dirtLevel)

all is in es_extended/client/functions.lua

did i need to add getvehiclehealth and setvehiclehealth in addition ?
like this ?

health2            = GetVehicleHealth(vehicle),
 if props.health2 ~= nil then
    SetVehicleHealth(vehicle,  props.health2)

and it will work ? i just need to get the original version of eden_garages and don’t modify it ?


use this instead of getentityhealth
bodyHealth = GetVehicleBodyHealth(vehicle),
engineHealth = GetVehicleEngineHealth(vehicle),


THE NEW version is compatible with the new version of esx_vehicleshop. now PK is plate!



I try the new version and seems to have problem

When i try to put my car at the red circle it says no car and i have some errors on console :

esx_jb_eden_garage2_cl.lua:245: in function ‘StockVehicleMenu’


i ll look at it normally should work


clear your cache and try again, because that code was already in eden garage and should not give any error.


I’ll admit, I only skimmed through the last couple of month’s worth of post, so I may have missed my answer. However, since I updated mysql-async to v. 3.0.8, I’ve been able to take a vehicle out, leave it sitting and take it out again. I can do this over and over. It never impounds or shows out of the garage.

I get no errors in rcon or console.


I did help some one and I know my server sees 1 as true from sql but some servers sees 1 as 1.
So instead of “if state then” You should try “if state == 1 then”.

Normally this script has no errors nor duplication. (Because I check if entity exists)

I do understand you skipped some comment 3/4 of people were asking same questions.
This ressource should work perfectly with new version of vehicleshop


It doesn’t duplicate into the database and it does set the vehicle state when you take it out and put it in. It just ignores the state.


I clear the cache and still same problem


Try instead modifystate true to put 1 instead


Give me your discord I ll check with you if you want.
And post citizenfx. Log instead of screen where I can’t see line with error :wink:


have as to put to only have a player in the car when it comes to storing in the garage


because if you have two at the time of storing the vehicle you can duplicate the cars infinitely


Taht issue is Al ready been fixed