Rapid Response Roleplay (RRR) Recruitment! NOW RECRUITING ALL DEPARTMENTS!


Hello, my name is Phase, I am currently a Deputy on RRR. RRR is a community that strives for greatness. We patrol as often as possible with the great members of multiple agencies. Currently we have spots open in San Andreas Highway patrol, Where you can patrol the state highways of San Andreas and apply for multiple subdivisions such as CVE or Blaine County Sheriffs Office, In BCSO we patrol the streets of Blaine County and the rugged terrain of the Senora Desert looking for criminals in the act to put away for good. San Andreas Fire Department, Here at SAFD we respond to an assortment of Medical Calls and Fires. From blazing structures fires in the high rises of Los Santos, To dealing with the lady on the corner in Sandy Shores who calls you out every week to get her cat out of the tree. Dispatch Center, Suppose your PC is built like a potato with some antennas, Well that’s no problem at RRR because you can dispatch utilizing the greatest CAD system in all of FiveM. From Pursuits through Los Santos, to Blazing Structure Fires, All the way to crazy 911 calls, at RRR we have it all. If any of this interest you feel free to fill out an application and who knows, tomorrow you might be in the middle of all the action! Link to Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4wIIeOXXuh9umcdZ4iOnR98-TKOYKI3RDMWBkKg7ICzsCSA/viewform

Thank You for your time


  • Phase


Still Recruiting! Looking for active Civs, Leos, Fire/Rescue, and Dispatchers! Join Today if you would like to be apart of a great private community! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability! Thank You for your time!


It said I filled an application out already and I didn’t


ur discord name? please add me godgutten:0001