Hello everyone im looking for a Radar-ALPR it says STALKER XL. I have looked everywhere for this if someone could point me to the right direction to either talk to the creator or a download area. thanks in advance


I believe that release was taken down.


Yeah. I remeber having this at one point. TBH I probs have it hidden somewhere.


It was made by @J.Manlet


What server was this, may I ask ?


Ok so basically the radar is just the one that was released on the forums, the wraith one or whatever and i just changed up the css. However, the parts of the ALPRs code was leaked from a private community, and I made it work lmao.

The resource was taken down due to the fact that I did not have permission from the person who made the radar to upload it, but the ALPR there is no issue with.

If you would like it just pm me on the forums and ill send it to ya



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I can ensure you that the ALPR code is not okay, because I am the one who helped build it along with the Radar script, screenshot below.

HighSpeed-Gaming / Bxbugs123


epic w


wow that’s nice work… Had no idea Bxbugs(my apologies) so probably no need to keep this post open…


damn that’s a nice ELS panel you have on your server @Bxbugs123 didn’t even know that was even possible.


im looking for this too :frowning:


@boom_gotcha I have been looking for this radar aswell I know that many servers still are using it but are not releasing it I am currently in contact with a server owner he has it I will try to ask him for a copy of it! I will DM if you I have any luck do you have discord or some form for me to contact you?


So far I have had no luck from what I am hearing the servers that have it they say “We custom made it”