Question : How would I change the name used to spawn a vehicle?


Hi There,

I am currently in the process of creating an RP community and would like to set up my vehicles in a systematic naming system so, as an example, a 2014 Dodge Charger for the Police Department would be spawned with the name ‘pdcharger14’.

I have tried doing so with changing the vehicles.meta, however I am not entirley sure if what I was doing is correct.

As someone with little FiveM server experience please forgive me of this question is basic.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:


you would have to change the carvariations and the vehicles.meta for the specific vehicle but at that point might as well just make it into an addon , but in those two files do all the changing and it should let u change the spawn name technically i know it works for addons but with replacements i had some issues changing certain parts in the meta but then in game it wouldn’t work and same thing worked perfectly with an add on setup


Thank you for your reply! How would I go about making it an addon? Is there a guide that I could follow?


there is a few on the forum or youtube has a ton of them just search " converting cars to addon in gta 5 " and im sure you’ll find 100’s results for it , also you’re looking at police cars check this out

this guy already converted over a 100 different models from different people i’m sure you find something that will work there


Thank you for your help, I’ll take a look at this tomorrow :slight_smile:


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