Question: How to pickup items

So i watched this video that had this guy pickup a trashbag and i thought how is that possible i searched the web for it but couldnt find it so here i am asking how do i do it?!


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What do i do with that?

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Find the object your looking for :wink:

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But how do i spawn it or hold it in game?

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I think that what He is asking is for a script that you can pick up props from the ground (like garbage bag), and math.random a list of items (1 or more) to pick up from the props like:


*wild prop_rub_binbag_03b appeared*

*prompt 3d message over prop* "Press E to scavenge" 

*prop_rub_binbag_03b disappeared by user on release key*

*notification message*

"You've found 2 Food Can"
"You've found 1 RedBull"

*items added to inventory*
x2 foodcan
x1 redbull

I need something like that in my project too!