QUESTION: Client LUA, Manual Execution


This is not an issue, but purely out of my curiosity. I was wondering because I saw some client scripts that utilized client side teleportation of the player. Does that mean that anyone that hooks the lua interface could just as well execute this lua and exploit the teleport function?



but you could just as well execute your own code if you wanted to.


Thanks for your reply because that’s been killing me, this is really annoying. I though that FiveM devs may have secured the MP. Is there any way we can prevent this easily?


well you could always write an anticheat which, unless the client notified the server before, lets say, teleporting, bans the player for cheating.


Yes that would be awesome, but I could never guarantee the legitimacy of those notifications from the client, as the client could of saved the original functions let the server do it’s changes to the global table then just revert back to original. And also I really appreciate your help.


Given how the source code for GTA V is not available, there is no way we - or any other group - can do full server-side simulation of the game world, and therefore cheating in such a way will always be possible.

The best you can do is make other clients (or the server, once dissectors are implemented) try to police the rest of the game and kind-of ‘vote out’ a player automatically if they’re doing something that makes absolutely no sense.


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