PVP Disabled With SImple Trainer


When I play on a server I cant be shot or shot anyone including use of the tazer.
Can someone help me with this problem it is not fun for me and my friends, please help me fix this!?!?


look for the “PVP Enable” script.


What do I do with this so called script


Print it out and hang it on the wall? :thinking:
Your problem is that PVP (aka hurt each other) is disabled right? The PVP Enable script should solve that problem. So I suggest you install it so your problem is solved.


Ya, but where in my folder do I add the contents in to??? My plugins or just the app. data


pretty sure its a server sided script.


I figured I don"t own the server but i"m a co owner so i will try something. And the Vespura guy was kinda being a dick.


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