[PVE]✈️Flight Simulator FiveM Edtition[Add-On Aircraft!][Official ATC & Ground Crew!][Custom Airports!]



Welcome to Flight Simulator FiveM Edition!

Is to try to replicate the experience of playing on a flight simulator! We have 100+ aircraft that are ready at your disposal!

Server Address!

Our Discord!

Want to become a developer?
Anyone whom wishes to develop for this server feel free to contact me on discord! We are looking for developers whom can code with LUA but if you can use another language we can still make it work!
My Discord Name : PEGI 16™#2660

Server Groups!
Server groups are groups that allow you certain perks and/or features on the server. If you wish to join any of the groups below please apply in our discord in #applications📝
Ground Crew
Coast Guard
Airport Security | Coming soon!

Aircraft List :
a310 = A310-300
a319 = A319-111
a320 = A320-200
a321neo = A321neo
a330 = A330-300
a343 = A340-300
a340 = A340-600
a350 = A350-900XWB
a380 = A380-800
atr72 = ATR 72
–Avro Lancaster–
avro = Avro Lancaster
b707 = 707-300
b377guppy = Aero Spacelines Pregnant Guppy
737200 = 737-200
739 = 737-MAX9
jet = 747-100
748 = 747-8i
sca = NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier
lcf = 747 Dreamlifter
747sp = Smaller 747
b757 = 757-200
767300 = 767-300
773er = 777-300ER
788 = 787-8 Dreamliner
ghawar = Buckingham Ghawar
8q400 = Dash-8-Q400
sf50vision = Plane with Parachute
–Consolidated PBY–
catalina = Catalina Sea-Plane
208 = 208 CARAVAN
bac = Concorde
rafale = Dassault Rafale
falcon7x = Dassault Falcon 7X
–De Havilland–
comet106 = de Havilland Comet
tupi = Embraer EMB-712
emb100 = Embraer Phenom 100
e146 = ERJ-145 LR
e190 = Embraer 190
emb195 = E-195
me262 = Messerschmitt Me 262
f6f5 = Grumman F6F5 Hellcat
ha420 = Honda HA-420 HondaJet
ho229 = Horten Ho 229
il76 = IL-76M
il96 = IL96-400
l1011 = L1011 Tri-Star
–McDonnell Douglas–
dc915 = DC9-15
md80 = MD-80
dc10 = DC10-30
dc10f = DC10-30 Freighter
–Pakistan Air Force–
kj2000 = KJ200/Beriev A-50 AWE&C
spitfire = Supermarine Spitfire
saab2000 = Saab 2000 Carrier
su25ff = Sukhoi Su-25
tu95 = Tu-95MS Bear
tu22m3 = Tu-22M
e4b = Boeing E-4 Nightwatch
blackbird = SR-71 BLACKBIRD
f117 = F-117 Nighthawk
mq9 = MQ-9 Reaper
p3 = P-3 Orion w/radome
wp3 = P-3 Orion w/out radome
e2d = E-2 Hawkeye
spirit = B-2 Spirit
u2r = U2 Spy Plane W/ Radome
u2s = U2 Spy Plane W/out Radome
xb70 = XB-70 Valkyrie
f22a = F-22A Raptor
hydra = F-35B Lightning
–Mid-Flight Refuel Aircraft–
kc130j = Lockheed Martin KC-130
kc10 = McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender
kc767 = Boeing KC-767
–Standard Formation Aircraft–
f16demo = F-16 Demo Aircraft
f16tb = F-16 Thunderbirds
–Blue Angels (not accessibly unless you are a Blue Angels member)–
f4blu = F-4 Phantom Blue Angels
–Coast Guard (not accessibly unless you are a Coast Guard member)–
cg130h = Lockheed C-130 H
cg130j = Lockheed C-130 J
ec130v = EC-130 V
annihilator = Coast Guard Jayhawk
snowbird = CT-114 Tutor
uh1nasa = UH-1Y NASA
uh1mash = 1st Cavalry Medevac UH-1H
haitun = Z-9 Haitun BF4
–United States Government–
whitehawk = Marine One
sh3 = Marine Two
mhx = Ghosthawk
airportftr = Airport Emergency Service Fire Truck
----------Airport Securtiy (not accessibly unless you are a Airport Securtiy member)----------
sheriff2 = Toyata Land Cruiser Airport Authority
police3 = Volkswagan Passat R Line Airport Auhtrity
----------Ground Crew (not accessibly unless you are a ground crew member)----------
airbus = Passenger Transport Bus
mana37 = Passenger Transport Bus 2
tbltug = Towbarless Tug
cargoloader = Name says it all
airtug2 = Tug used for pulling the vehicles below!
cargotrailer1 = Aircraft Cargo Trailer
bagtrailer1 = Bag Trailer (open)
bagtrailer2 = Bag Trailer (closed)
biff = Snow Plough
----------ATC (not accessibly unless you are a ATC member)
atcheli = Ultra Stable ATC Helicopter


Discord link?

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Hey! Im a moderator on a different server, one that is RP-based, and I run the Federal Aviation Administration there. I’ve been trying to get some add-on aircraft on this server for a while, but every airplane we try to add either is missing crucial data or the textures come out all wrong.
Im really impressed by how many planes are on your list, and I would like to know if you had to modify any of these aircraft so that they could work on your server!

Thanks for your time!


That sounds great! Ill shoot you a message


Unfortunately your discord name isnt turning up anything, are all the characters and numbers correct?


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