Push to talk on Controller


So I have the program so you can have push to to talk on controller. What’s a good button for it? Because all of the buttons are taken. Thanks

Hi just have a question with push to talk

that’s, exactly, the reason why rockstar didn’t bind it to anything by default because there are not enough buttons for it.


i personally use X on a 360 controller for my discord and teamspeak PTT its linked to weapons in cars but i dont find that much of a problem


Sorry for the late reply, I use A on a controller since the server I play on uses non-els cars A does not do anything in a car, the downside is when you sprint outside your car you are using the push to talk. Just experiment and find what is comfortable and easy to use.


i use start for teamspeak and back for in game. I have mine through REWASD.


I personally use left button (top left button - weapon select for controller) - I RP a lot and use TS3, in a car it doesn’t do anything to you, and when on foot in a foot pursuit, only makes you jog, so not big of a disadvantage.


Whats that program?