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Pure Roleplay

Pure RP is a newly launched server, its had some previous names in the past (San Andreas Highway Patrol RP, San Andreas State Of Anarchy and Avalanche Gaming Network) The server has now come to a point where the server is extremely well developed and has very few bugs. The server and community aim for a Family RP level of roleplay. We have many jobs to pick from but its recommended to find a job where you interact with other players as it can lead to cool roleplay. We have whitelisted Police/LEO which means that you have to apply to become a police officer. The same goes for EMS. You can apply on our website. We currently have many positions open that needs to be filled, we seek people who are willing to spend time and effort to get these roles. Our server uses ESX and we allow trainers, but we have rules that MUST be followed when it comes to the trainers. Our server is in a fictional version of California so you will some things that will directly reffer to Los Angeles and some things can be fictional. We offer good/high quality roleplay and a good staff team that can help you out if you should have any issues. We hope to see you on the server having a great time.

Website: http://www.pureroleplay.life (Will lead to avalanchegamingnetwork.com)
Rules: https://avalanchegamingnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/2-community-rules/
Open Applications: https://avalanchegamingnetwork.com/index.php?/application/
Discord: https://discord.gg/fUER7pn

Current Available Positions:

LAPD (Police Department)

  • Assistant Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Police Commander

LAFD (Emergency Medical Services)

  • Fire Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Battalion Chief
  • Captain

Other Information:
The server is a division of Avalanche Gaming Network, this means that the AGN logo will be used from time to time and all websites will have a link to the AGN website