PSA on Advertising in Releases


Any ‘look at my Discord chat’, ‘register on my site’, ‘go to my site to download’ and so on in releases will not be tolerated. This includes ‘early access for people registered/joined/…’ and similar.

Also, wherever possible, upload your resources to the forums’ file uploading system, unless they’re too big (i.e. they’re models/images/…).

Making DoJ style CAD System
[Release][Admin] Admin Tahoe
[Release] [Rules] [FX] Automatic Rules
[Release] OpenCAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) [Demo Site]
Silver Solutions MDT! Now for free!
[Release] Fullscreen YouTube loading screen
[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [Taking Over]
[Release] Law Enforcement Vehicle Pack | ELS Only
[Release] Drag racing car pack
Modern Scoreboard [fax-scoreboard] [1.3]
[Release] Mirror Park Garages
[Release] Calm AI
St. Louis Police Department w/ custom plates
Admin Mustang w/ Red Lights
Emergency Uniform Packs|Client/Server Sided Testing!|Stabilized|Easy Install!UPDATE 2.1
FREE CAD/MDT | FiveM Integration | Custom CAD/MDT With Built In Jobs
[Release] [Non-Els] San Andreas Fire Department Rapid Response Team Pack 1.0.0
[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [Taking Over]
[Release] removeAIcops (this removes all AI cops)
[Release] Route 68 Garage V1.2
Supermotos Fixed Fuel!
Texas State Trooper Pack (Non ELS)
Syndicate's FrameWork
In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support
[Release] Star Chase
[Release] Windows Auto Restarter/Server Manager v1.1
Discord link removed from releases
Looking for a amazing non els fire pack message me
CaraCara Special Edition [Add-On]
[Release] 911Plus | 911 Calls | Panic Button | Posts to Discord (TTS) | Easy Setup!
[Release] [vRP] [ESX] Hud of thirst and hunger for FiveM (ladderhud)
[Release] Terrov Series - Graphics / Visual Mod - Update 2.3
NON-ELS Add-on Sheriff Pack with blue/blue & red lights!
[How-to] Add Car Parts from Add-on Vehicles to your server
[Release] cruiseControl - Cruise control for vehicles
[Release] Jail N' Jury | An All in 1 Jail AND Court / Justice System | Automated Trial by Jury | Return power to the people
[Project] Advanced Administration System | Web & In Game | Updated 11/14/18
[RELEASE] [NON ELS] Unmarked Ford Taurus
[Release] Blaine County Public Safety (Non-ELS Security Charger)
[NON ELS] Sheriff Pack Release! Custom Texture & Vehicle Pack For Sheriff Department!
[RELEASE] Los Santos LEO Ped Pack! Featuring a new ped command spawning script!


Yayyy, Thank you!! (20 Char)

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[Release] Custom GLA Framework

Hallelujah! Thank you :smiley:


Finally, thank you.


Bout time! Thank you!!!


Please can you add the download link on the forums. And also do not add a link that we need to register to get the download link. If everyone did that we would have a problem. If you need help with with good file sharing sites that you do not need to register. all you have to do is ask.


I still think it’s better to use Github rather than the forum itself.


So i need to zip up my files and reupload. Thought github was easier to see source code…


As @xander1998 said, does this mean no more github and just promotion below? Not any special treatment for those who want to join our Discord can?

[Release] Kit/Loadout Menu

Yeah I prefer GitHub, that way I can at least look at the code before downloading. I’m usually at work browsing the forum on my phone. :joy:


GitHub should still be fine, though uploading the latest version just below your GitHub link doesn’t take long and it saves time for people wanting to just straight download it.


You can also create releases on github, i don’t see any problem there


exactly that, it’s also useful to have release uploads archived in case, say, a user decides to remove a github repository

also note that said ‘wherever possible’


Ah. I honestly forgot about that on github. Im sorry if it sounded as i was being anmoying or disrespectful was generally curious if i needed to do that or not. I will go and add releases to my github repos and change the links. Just woke up so not feeling very good right now.


Thank You for posting this!


If you have a direct download link on your website (like if you post a link that immediately downloads your resource) is that allowed?


So you mean for example if had all direct downloads?


If we put the mod on gta5-mods for example can we link to it’s mod page? It’s much easier to maintain one link for a mod rather then having to update the link in several places where you post the most.


I get that it’s easier to keep files updated in one location, but if you’re posting about a release, you’re going to have to be active here to provide support, update the post when new features are released as well as providing a change log. So, while you’re at it, it shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds to drag a zip file from your computer into your post.

If you’re going to release something on another site and post about it here, but leave your topic here to die since the link doesn’t have to be updated, then I’d suggest don’t post about it in the first place. Though I don’t think this is what you meant.