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I am one of the many founders from the team at Pryston Network, I am out recruiting people for our new FiveM server that has just launched and has been developed by one of our Amazing Team of Devs.

The server is aimed for all people, you may speak different language other than english but please do bare in mind if your in active admin situation it is required that you speak english so that at the time you can be understood.

About Server

Our server is hosted in France but is has really good speeds and we have american playing with good connection on server, over the time when we get donation we will upgrade our VPS making it alot better and faster and being able to expand out community out.

Our VPS Spec -

4 Core
150 GB storage

About Staff

Our Amazing team atm Currently 5 members, we are recruiting but only those who play and stay and help members on our community/servers we always try to aim to help and fix thing that members show us.


Our Rules are created by Founder who is officer within the server but as Community owner and player ive played on many server where member dont actually get a say within the rules, Our Community listen to our valuable players and let him have huge say and debate in them as long as there can be mature benefit out of it for everyone

What do we Offer

Serious RP
Great Content
Good Quality Vehicles
Professional Team of Staff

Connection Info

Discord: Discord
Website: Website
Teamspeak: Teamspeak

Your Truly Founder Jay


Few New Script where added last night, we’re also working on maybe adding a whitelist server in the next few weeks here also trying out new script so that we can have two different servers


New Cad system been added and few new thing for the cops.