[Project] Upcoming Server Interaction Toolbox


Hey everyone, I’m showing you today my upcoming project, it is a modified version of @WolfKnight’s action menu and an updated customized version of @rhys19’s M-menu and I have gotten permission from both of them and all credits will be included in the release post and will be in the download.

Still got to add/update:

  • Update the cuff function as it prevents the user from the steering

[Release] ActionMenu [1.0.1] (Updated April 2018)

Do you have permission from CODURLY to use their BAC script among other things that you have taken w/o permission


Ooookaaayyy, let’s not turn this into a drama fuck fest, DM’s we gooooo!


DM’s it is then!

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I have permission from everything in text files.

all credits will be included in the release post and will be in the download.

I haven’t taken anything without permission, so next time don’t just assume bud.

As I said this is a project post, not a release post or all credits would be included.


Oh great, another copy of DOJ because apparently everyone has to be like the one server with a youtuber on it… Sigh


Bro what on earth are you talking about? It is just a customized version of WolfKnight’s action menu.


“Civ Toolbox” “LEO Toolbox” “Vehicle” :thinking:


Your point, these are options, another server uses an idea, people develop on that idea, people requested it, so I made it. Honestly, I don’t see what your problem is.


I just find it annoying that people cannot be original, that’s all.


I understand you all these fake ass DOJ wannabe communities, however this was requested, so I made this


It’s not you I do not like at all here. It’s all the communities where it seems where ever I go all they say is “Can you make us a menu like DOJ?” Like if you were requested to make this that’s fine idc but I just do not like all the communities where all they say is “Can I have ****** like DOJ has?”


Oh I know completely understand you, I literally scroll these forums and all I see is DOJ requested or DOJ like LSPD etc. Then on the server browser New DOJ, CADOJ, NYDOJ. I mainly made this as people were struggling to add all the different functions, vehicle doors, windows, cuff, put in vehicle etc.


This looks great! I’m really looking forward to it.


Looks good. What’s your time frame for releasing?


Not sure yet, the cuff function morealess works, the whitelisting for the LEO toolbox doubt I will do. But mainly it is adding more adverts, props in the menu and maybe a lock function.


Um… thanks man, but I have pretty much finished.

Thinking about also doing this in warmenu.


any news on when you will be releasing this?


Well I’m still tryna finish the lock function.


okay, thanks for everything and updating me
Can’t wait to use it!