Project Santos RP



Join us at Project Santos!
A FiveM GTAV RP server brought to you by Undeadbaron and Mythematic

Our Discord

Whitelisted - Application and Rules

We have active admins and a welcoming community.

Applications currently being taken for LEO and EMS.

Other Jobs available: Taxi Driver, Sanitation, Tow Truck/Mechanic, Truck Driver, Vendor, Entertainer

Hobbies available: Mining, Farming, Fishing, Brewing, Logging

Illegal activities: Drugs (weed, meth, coke), Vehicle Chopping, Hacking, Robing Stores and Banks, Money Laundering

We have a banking system with several ATMs around Los Santos, businesses for investment, apartments and houses to purchase.

There’s also a supernatural element on this server that adds to the roleplay and storytelling.