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We are ProjectRP a brand new community planning on making a new impact on the year of 2018, Here is why :slight_smile:

The :key: element of our server is to create a new economical server that allows jobs from Uber, Mechanic, EMS, Fire, Cadet. We do strive our best to include realistic RP to a point. We understand greatly this is virtual world simulations roleplay but let’s be real, in real life you would not do half the stuff you do on GTA 5. We want to create an environment that structures fun roleplay for all ages. Now we got a big bite on the line and it’s tense let me 100% get you in the boat!

Here is a list of stuff we offer an express for the community as a whole.

- Dedicated Staff Members ( We may be some people playing a video game but here at ProjectRP we strive to make the sense of communication in technical support issues that we solve them in an easy way. We can’t solve it for whatever reason we keep swimming towards assisting our members to the best of our abilities.

24/7 Service (We strive to make sure our connections are 24/7 to the community especially keeping the server up and running in out of hours situations.)

Fun Activites (We want the best options for you to enjoy and live every second of your RP gaming, With ProjectRP we ensure 100% the roleplay experience with be worth the pondering experience to give us a shot.)

Maturity Element (What we want to put a BOLD ELEMENT We take pride in managing our community and keeping it a fun and safe environment for all ages to be safe playing on. This literally goes for everybody in the community not only Civs even Admins|Mods|Owner We don’t take any type of bullying in any manner. We hear or catch you doing it, Your gone. End of it)

But honestly, in all seriousness we take our community rules powerfully legit and want all followed by the requirements listed, If you can’t or won’t follow the rules don’t bother applying,

No Bullying of any kind
Have Fun!
RP ONLY IN Blaine|Paleto unless stated for city


Custom Map Modifications!

Newly Developed CAD System!

Join The Field Today At ProjectRP

Teamspeak: ProjectRP
Discord: https://discord.gg/eayaupq
Website: http://www.project-roleplay.com/

Server Direct Connect IP:
Server Name: [Project-Roleplay.com] Anyone Can Be COPS/EMS | Custom Cars | Jobs | Housing | Active Admin | Blaine-County/Paleto RP Area |

Topic Created By Blake Bailey (Admin, Sheriff)



Bumping The Post. #1 Jan 3rd.


Great server. Bin here since day 1 and would give this server a 10/10. Great admins and players. Would definitely recommend.:grinning:


Love the new cad system you can go on there and sign up as a civ and register your car. Makes things 10 times more legit


Bumping The Post. #2 Jan 4th.


Getting some patrols going tonight! Whos in?:grinning::grinning:


We are still recruiting and you won’t regret to apply! INFO IN THE MAIN POST.


Got many new faces in the server lets keep it going! :grinning:


Newly added DUI Checkpoint on route 68. Lots of more custom map mods we add that set us apart and make a great looking rp server!


Server is 100% it’s really good!! It has an amazing custom map and i 100% recommend you join! You won’t regret it. CHP AND BCSO is open and hiring!


Many new modifications coming it’s going to be great!!!


Just because some peeps seem to think the CAD is selfmade, :smiley: the cad is a free to use. :smiley: its called openCAD


Patrol Setup for Friday 1/12 at 5pm PST. Hope to see you there!


IP address has bin changed


Hoping to see some new faces tonight during the patrol!


We will be have a patrol tomorrow at 5:30pm PST. We are welcoming all new faces. :grinning:


Starting up a patrol now! Looking for more Sheriffs and civs!


Yesterday patrol was a success! Many amazing people a amazing roleplay. We will be having another patrol tonight 5:30 pst. See you guys there!


Patrol is now underway😎 Let’s have a good time!


Great server, great people. Join and see for yourself.