Project Mayhem | Hiring EMS/FIRE, SHERIFF, STATE, ETC. | Always looking for new members | Public server



What is Project Mayhem, and what do we do?

Project Mayhem is a 100% serious, dedicated FiveM roleplay community. The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office provides a wide department with members just like the State troopers, Secret Agents, Sandy Shores Police Department, ETC. We continuously create and add ideas to the server to fit everyone’s needs.

How does Project Mayhem operate?

Project Mayhem is a 100% roleplay server, every staff member is kind and respectful at all times. We often have massive RP scenarios to let all of our members to enjoy Project Mayhem!

Why should I join Project Mayhem?

You should join Project Mayhem because we are running out multiple units like FIRE/EMS, FBI, STATE, SHERIFF, ETC.
We are overall a very active server always looking forward to meeting new members!

How can I join Project Mayhem?

You can join project mayhem by joining our discord., Also you can apply by going to the discord and look for the “Applications” tab!


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