Project Life | Mayor System | Serious RP | Custom | Casino | Housing | Moonshine | Drugs | Seeking PD & Staff

Here on Project Life, we are striving to be different from your average ESX server. We have unique UI design ideas implemented, an economy that is suppose to simulate real life prices without being too “grindy”, and overall customization’s to most of the mainstream scripts you see on most servers.
At the moment we have worked out every (known bug) to make it a great experience for RP!

Some features I feel are worth noting:

  • Mayor system with elections
  • 50+ High quality cars that can be upgraded
  • Custom and simplistic HUD design (Minimal size to avoid ruining immersion)
  • Fully functioning police force and scripts
  • Fully functioning EMS and scripts
  • GTA:O Casinos
  • Cartel
  • Black Market
  • Nonwhitelisted Mechanics (Yes! Anyone can join and become a mechanic. However there is only 1 shop owner that is whitelisted)


If you are someone who wants to get into RPing as police look no further this is the server for you! We already have a few people running the department but could use some more LEO Rpers.


We also have an Emergency Medical Services Department however we have no one running it so anyone who would be interested in EMS please feel free to send a message to a community manager on the discord server


Please feel free to join the discord at

We all look forward Rping with you

-PRL Staff


It sounds interesting. Is this an entirely custom framework or does it run off something used universally by many such as ESX, vRP, etc.

I think this server has some serious potential, there server runs very smooth without any bugs and some very good RP on it. Great staff team.

Appreciate that! We are still looking for qualified staff members as well.

fore sure this server is really good diff than the other servers a lot of new things

Our server went up today, we are currently looking for more staff members join our discord if interested!

fore sure

server is great cant wait to see it grow

Thanks man, appreciate that!

Still have a few staff positions left to fill guys.