Project Justice RP (Outdated)



PJRP is currently looking for new members to join our community we have going here. We would love it if you would join us using:
Server IP:
TeamSpeak: Coming Soon…

Who Are We?
PJRP is a new Serious RP server who is built on the serious factor of our roleplay and also the fun part. We love to engage in different RP situation and build upon them as we go to make them the best that they can be. In terms of our server we are new to the FiveM scene, but have alot of experience in how to run our server.

What We Offer At PJRP
We offer a fun and welcoming roleplay experience as well as a Serious RP experience where you can create situations with your friends and be as creative as you want! We try not to limit that amount of vehicles you can RP with but you can request to use some with a Staff Members approval. This is just the beginning to what we offer here at PJRP.

Roleplay Experience
The RP experience you can expect at PJRP is nothing but the best. We Serious RP and do interesting scenes that are fun and that don’t get repetitive like other servers. We have many departments that you can RP with that are run by amazing Heads Of Departments.

Right now on the server we have many departments you can join that include the following:

*Blaine County Sheriffs Office
*Los Santos Police Department
*California Highway Patrol
*Los Santos Fire Department. (State-wide)
*Los Santos EMS. (State-Wide)
*Civilian Operations

We also have some sub-divisions you can join as well that include the following:

  • S.W.A.T
  • Port-Authority
  • Park Ranger
  • Tactical Gang Unit
  • Special Response Teams
  • Prison Guard
  • Traffic Services Unit
  • Detective
  • Dispatcher
  • Bounty Hunter




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