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Hello Everyone

Looking For a Server ? Look no further!

Project Reality is an international RPcommunity. We’re a community driven platform that brings like minded gamers together. Its our belief that playing with other gamers enhances our gaming experience.We actively bring the players together within Project Reality. The environment we offer allows our members to form regular groups and teams with people they may otherwise have never met.

Thanks for taking the time to come check us out. We would also like to thank you for considering us as your new role playing community.Take a look around and if you like what you see we would love to hear from you and start your career path…

We have alot of careers you can choose from.You can be a cop with the LSPD Department. Or how about you take a trip out to Blaine County and become a Sheriff? Want to be on the highway and cruise?? Apply for the Highway Patrol. Step into the shoes of a MOB boss and do illegal stuff. The possibilities are endless. Also If you want to do something more layed back we also offer Fire and EMS rolls.We also offer alot of Legal Civilian Jobs. If you would like to help with Project Infinity RP you could also apply to become a part of our HR Dept where you will help with daily tasks and advertisements.


  • Cops (Lockable Cell Doors) (ELS Style cars with complete carcols)
  • EMS
  • Fire
  • Taxi
  • Airline Pilot
  • Trucking
  • News Reporter
  • Cardealer
  • Drug Dealer(Sell weed to NPC)
  • Foodtruck
  • Gangs (Balla,MC,Vagos,ETC)
  • Real Estate
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Securo Serv
  • Banker
  • Mechanic
  • And Alot More

Were Looking For

  • Staff Members
  • Developers
  • Dispatches
  • LSPD
  • SAHP
  • BCSO
  • EMS
  • Fire Dept.
  • Civilians
  • Development is ongoing every day

Are you creative and good at being a dev?

Are you very creative and want to put down some roots on our server? Well this is your chance to get in and help make Project Infinity RP awesome. Without the help of great developers we will just become another community. If you’re looking to help us out with any developing than please contact US. We’re looking for all types of help from different developers.

Still have questions?

No Problem. If you come across any questions regarding our server, discord than please direct your attention to a member of the staff. They will be able to assist you with any question and/or concerns that you may have.

Check out the server and become a member today :slight_smile:

Website is coming SOON
Discord: https://discord.gg/ffkYdcy