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A Little About Us…
Project Ajax is an ideal concept, where the multi-threaded world of online games and socialization combine to the creation of a community meant to benefit the players who shape it, rather than be constrained by those who oversee it directly. This community has its foundations as expatriates from communities all across different genres, many of whom have witnessed outright abuse by staff, negligence and failure to promote ideas and innovation, and the creation of conspiring staff cliques designed to promote themselves at the expense of the community. It is because of this, Project Ajax was launched with the idea that our founders could create a community that spans more than the lifespan of a particular game, but stand the test of time itself by incorporating multiple different genres under one proverbial roof, and only impress upon that further. The staff team is here to merely provide you the tools necessary to complete the goals that you want to complete, and therefore we bestow you, the individual, the power to invoke the changes that you want to see in the community, and we hope you will use this power for changes that benefit and invigorate the community further as we continue to trek into the unknown future.

What can you expect at our community?
We were able to mold concepts and ideas that we have seen to shape an ideal foundation for what we want our community to grow upon. We are in no means delivering a finished product, as we always have an earnest to develop further and we have a development team capable of providing that for the server. We have certain features that include:

  • vMenu Based
  • Serious roleplay
  • Active staff and development team
  • 300+ Real Vehicles (replacing vanilla cars, many w/ their own customization’s)
  • Realistic Weapon Handling w/o crosshair
  • Immersive professional emergency services w/ EUP and Command
  • Legal system where you can become an attorney-at-law
  • Web-based CAD system with multi-character support
  • TFRP VOIP system w/ ID’s overhead for metagame prevention
  • OOS (Out of Server) roleplay channels through Discord
  • Support for games across different genres via Discord

Tell me about Emergency Services
Our emergency services include a variety of different agencies, who expand further with their own departmental bureau’s and divisions for keeping San Andreas safe and sound:

  • San Andreas State Police
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • Los Santos Metropolitan Police Department
  • San Andreas Regional Fire & EMS

Our agencies provide countless tools to ensure you are immersed, these include our radio emulation channels through “Zello” and well structured and organized handbooks to detail all you need to know about your duties. We also provide a roster for every agency, to detail your journey up the ladder in the criminal justice system, and traverse the many career opportunities abound!

"Well that’s cool, but how do I join?"
Simple, we provide you an application via our Discord: at #application-center, it asks you general questions and if you’ve had any past experience that could be an asset to the department you’re interested in. It follows up with questions concerning to the roleplay character you are applying with, so we have an idea of what interests them, what their name and age will be, why they are interested in joining, etc. It’s that simple, and it doesn’t matter who you are, diversity makes roleplay what it is.

What if I just want to be a Civilian?
I completely understand, we don’t set rules where you have to be restricted to being only an officer or civilian, you can cross the two them as you want, as you are allowed up to four different characters across our server to roleplay with! Maybe you just want to be a civilian and that’s all? Well, we don’t make you do a civilian application if that’s what you’re thinking, if you want to sell cars at a dealership or maybe get involved in some illegal activities, we have no bar on that to get in the way of what you want to do. Our multitude of vehicles provides the spice you want, with plenty of interest to be had even if you’re alone at 3 in the morning, just experimenting with them all and messing around can have you stick around till noon! We also provide civilians the ability to become certified criminal attorneys, which will become apart of our much larger Department of Justice down the line.

That being said, we do require civilians to sign up at our web-based CAD found in the Discord, but don’t worry if it’s your first time on or you get arrested, we will guide you through the process of getting you on the CAD and well even call in a few favors to make that nasty jail sentence “disappear” this time around. :wink:

Hey! Where’s the photographs at you nerd!
I don’t really take pictures you nerds, I type, and my pictures are often grainy and unappetizing. However, we will be gathering a scrapbook of community photos that can properly show off everything we have to offer in due time… Maybe you’re a photographer and want to take those pictures? We have a channel just for that on Discord, for both in roleplay and out of roleplay.

Are you Hiring Staff/Developers/Emergency Services Command?
We are always looking for staff and developers interested in joining the community, you can check out the applications for it in the Discord in #application-center if you are interested in those positions. We already have a lead developer and we do not start out new staff at high level positions no matter prior experience, just so you are aware.

In terms of Emergency Services command, we prefer that you start out at the beginning and are risen through the ranks from within based on our “Promote from Within” mentality. However, exceptions can be made dependent on experience or education in certain fields, etc. Just don’t go into it expecting to get a position out of it, and you’ll still need to fill out an application to be considered.

TL;DR: We have a lot of features and we designed the server to be geared towards serious roleplay, without having you spend ages on an economy server. Web-based CAD sign-up, not whitelisted, just plug and play to your heart’s content. Below is the Discord with all the info you need, the direct connect address, and my forum profile and Discord in-case you need to ask me anything.

Important Information
Project Ajax Discord:
Project Ajax FiveM Server: (NYC, USA)
Project Lead (Gritowski):
Project Lead (Jordan): N/A
Discord DM (Gritowski): Gritowski #0671
Discord DM (Jordan): Jordan #7937


Here are some of those photo’s that I promised to show off, with a portion of our law enforcement vehicle fleet at work, and the people operating it on the day-to-day!

Joint Taskforce Photos


Getting gas for the night shift

Motorist stopped

SASP Commissioner Jordan Mikel citing a driver for running a traffic signal device on G.O.H


Sheriff John Walker takes notes down at a minor collision scene with the motorists

SASP & BCSO respond to Blaine County Savings Bank

SASP Commissioner Jordan Mikel attempts to negotiate with “Prison Mike”, the bank robber

After negotiations falter, law enforcement attempt to pressure the robber into surrendering

If you like what you see in terms of LEO content, feel free to try us out, or even join on a ride-along to experience what it’s like yourself at Project Ajax!

Interested in the civilian content we have to offer? Don’t worry, you’ll see a post coming up that’ll show you some experiences and shenanigans you can get into as a civilian here at Project Ajax! Maybe you can join in and send us some of your own funny moments in server and we can show them off to the community, thanks again for giving Project Ajax a look!