[Project] Advanced Administration System | Web & In Game


Recently I have been working on an administration system.
I want to get opinions or comments on it.

Current Features:

  • Warning
  • Kicking
  • Temporary Banning
  • Permanently Banning
  • Hour Tracking
  • First Joined
  • Last Played
  • Trust Score System
  • Kick for Staff
  • Permission Based
  • Web UI
  • MDT Integration (Future Project Release)
  • In-Game Commands
  • User Searching
  • Staff Playtime
  • Staff Administration Statistics
  • Track what servers staff play on.
  • Logs All Chat Messages
  • Warn for Inappropriate Words/Phrases.
  • Unique Player Count
  • Accumulative Playtime
  • A Ton of Statistics

Future Features:

  • ESX Integration
  • VRP Integration
  • Extensive Action Logging
  • API/Webhook (Discord Integration)

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If you have any questions feel free to ask away in the thread or Discord!


Looks very good! :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great! Do you plan on releasing this? In the future, Was this made with bootstrap looks really similar to bootstrap ?


I am planning to release this and my MDT/CAD sometime soon. I used Material Kit by Creative Tim which is licensed under MIT. A link to the design can be found here.

Edit: Linked to the wrong design.


looks amazing :slight_smile:


Looks really nice! I hope it will get released soon and that the install is simple :wink:


Im looking forward to this, and see where it goes.


We’re making good headway with porting the project to PHP Klein for routing. If anyone would like we will most likely be pushing out beta testing tonight/tomorrow. To learn more about the project or to stay updated on the progress and when we will be in need of testers join our Discord.


We’ve made a lot of progress and have managed to get rid of a lot of bugs. We’ve released this project on GitHub if anyone is interested in this project can join our Discord or view or GitHub repo here.