[Project] Advanced Administration System | Web & In Game | Updated 11/14/18


Since I release this as a pre-release we have had communities from all around use this and provide feedback. The original reason for creating this was that back when this was first thought of temporary banning didn’t exist. This caused so many issues with people either getting kicked and coming right back for semi-major violations or being permanently banned, that didn’t seem too viable. Upon creating this panel we started adding more and more features such as warnings, commends, multiserver support, permissions, APIs, etc. We’re still continuing to update and add more features as we go. As of 11/14/2018, we’re currently on version 0.4 and will release this fully with an installer at v1.0. Until then feel free to install the panel manually but do note this installation can be slightly tricky for newcomers.

Current Features:

  • Warning
  • Kicking
  • Commending
  • Temporary Banning
  • Permanent Banning
  • Playtime Tracking
  • Trust Score System
  • In-depth Web-UI
  • In-depth API
  • Custom Server Action Buttons
  • Some Statistics
  • Multiple Servers
  • First Joined
  • Last Played
  • Add/Remove Staff Menu
  • Add/Remove Server Menu
  • Edit Panel Menu
  • Warnings/Kicks/Bans Logging
  • Advanced Permissions System
  • Player IP Tracking/Viewing (Permission Based)
  • In-Game Commands
  • One-Click Unbanning
  • Removing Records
  • Recent Players
  • Per Staff Statistics
  • User Search
  • Plugin System (Official Plugins)
  • Staff Statistics

Future Features:

  • ESX Integration
  • VRP Integration
  • Extensive Action Logging
  • Player/General Reporting
  • Vote Kick
  • So Much More!


  • v0.4 - GitHub
  • v0.3 - GitHub
  • v0.2 - GitHub
  • Note: Just because you can use older versions doesn’t mean you should.
Screenshots (Updated: 11/14/18)

If you have any questions feel free to ask away in the thread!

Webmanager need help installing

Looks very good! :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great! Do you plan on releasing this? In the future, Was this made with bootstrap looks really similar to bootstrap ?


I am planning to release this and my MDT/CAD sometime soon. I used Material Kit by Creative Tim which is licensed under MIT. A link to the design can be found here.

Edit: Linked to the wrong design.


looks amazing :slight_smile:


Looks really nice! I hope it will get released soon and that the install is simple :wink:


Im looking forward to this, and see where it goes.


We’re making good headway with porting the project to PHP Klein for routing. If anyone would like we will most likely be pushing out beta testing tonight/tomorrow. To learn more about the project or to stay updated on the progress and when we will be in need of testers join our Discord.


We’ve made a lot of progress and have managed to get rid of a lot of bugs. We’ve released this project on GitHub if anyone is interested in this project can join our Discord or view or GitHub repo here.


so is this released yet?


so i have downloaded this. Now how do i use it /open it


Can u help me set this up on a vps?


Expend the bare minimum of effort and read the install page on the wiki that’s linked to on the GitHub page:


You need to explain on how to install this in more depth as i have follow your instructions word for word recheck it all made sure i have the requirements once dont when trying to connect to panel through browser even doing localhost all i get is, (server IP address could not be found.) If you could give me a hand in explaining a bit more on what i might have done wrong but i followed every step in you instructions!.


I’m hopefully going to be getting around to creating an installer or porting this to be ran by the FiveM server itself an store data in JSON instead. Not too sure yet. If you haven’t already my Discord has a group of dedicated developers and users who are willing to assist.


i nead help


Version 0.4 is here! We’ve release v0.4 on GitHub here.

Feel free to suggest, comment, or complain. Feedback is what drives the project.


Is there any changelog for .4?


I cant get it to work all it does is says i cant connect to the ip heres the link: https://negaming.xyz/


That seems to be your websites issue and not the panel.