Programmer wanted for Co-op Server idea


I have an idea to create a friendly co-op server where anyone can heal or resurrect another player or NPC or vice versa. There will be jobs and a 10% tax on all transactions, that will then be evenly be distributed to all players online or all players in the database. So even if you help someone else make money you make money too. NPC’s and players alike will be friendly by default, similar to the Family Friendly Free Roaming 2.6.1 single player mod here:

I wouldn’t want to remove the ability for violence, blood, and explosions for that would eliminate the RP potential for Police, Fire, and EMS. But instead of jail being the go-to punishment of criminals it would be that players obtained funds on that character. Which can then also be evenly distributed among all other players. Friendly moves, animations, and gestures would be the default reaction and action of players pressing the left mouse button, not a punch in the face. A punch in the face could still be done with a press of the shift key and left mouse button possibly.