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Division - community internal developer/IT Accounts
Portfolio - cistomer and community development
Business unit - Community developer

Objectives to the Position
The Community Development Officer is responsible for working with various business units, the local community and external agencies to identify the needs and strengths of the community, and develop appropriate responses. A priority is the implementation of the (relevant) Community Plan objectives and the Strategic Plan for Community Centres- Connecting People, Programs, Partners &

The aim is to ensure the use of the community centre and other local facilities are maximised through ongoing development of programs, establishment of Communication and day to day coordination of the operations of the community centre.

Key Responsibilities
• Identify community needs through research, consultation and identification of service gaps and determine and facilitate appropriate strengths based responses.
• Develop, plan and implement appropriate programs and projects in response to the identified needs, service gaps and community strengths.
• Deliver programs through the most appropriate mechanisms, including partnerships and/or through contractors/volunteers.
• Provide a range of neighbourhood development initiatives that build community capacity to enable to meet their own needs, improve their well being and enhance their quality of Roleplaying.
• Supervise a team of volunteers and oversee the daily operations of the community, including people and financial resources to ensure effective delivery of services.

Key Personal Attributes

1. Skills (including personal attributes)
• Effective oral and written communication skills.
• Effective interpersonal and group work communication skills.
• Community engagement skills.
• Capacity to work with diverse individuals and groups.
• Ability to work collaboratively and to form strategic partnerships.
• Sound strengths based community development skills.
• Excellent time management skills.
• Ability to work under limited direction and be self motivated.
• Project management skills.
• Customer Service Skills.
• Ability to work as a team member, as well as across Business Units within Council.
• Intermediate computing skills including graphics designing, film production and animator artist via whole Adobe creative cloud package.
• Working knowledge of the Google Drive (professionally) and discord polished developer.
• Demonstrated understanding and enthusiasm for the direction of the City and the
• Demonstrated behaviour consistent with the corporate values.

2. Knowledge
• Sound understanding of strengths-based community development theory, principles, roles and skills.
• Knowledge of current research methods, including the use of statistics in research, and of current evaluation techniques and processes.
• Understanding of project management principles.
• Working knowledge of community engagement practices.
• Volunteer management practices.
• Current knowledge of computer systems and applications related to a customer service environment.
• Knowledge of responsibilities in creating and maintaining Safe environments.

3. Experience
• Experience in community development, project management and community engagement.
• Experience in the operation of grants programs and the preparation of funding
• Experience in establishing and maintaining partnerships.
• Experience in volunteer management is essential.
• Experience working within a Community centre environment is highly desirable.

Contact method
Email -
Discord - Reflex#2153
Or visit my discord server -

Warm regards
Reflex - Internal Development Officer


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