Problems I've had with the game, and looking for a fix for them


SO randomly today, the game started to fuck up. I had had no previous issues, but these things started to becomes a problem:
1: My mouse wouldn’t go down to the “servers”, on the bottom, so I had to borderless window it, and then turn it back once I was ingame. This really got annoying after a while
2: Mouse has a certain stiffness to it. This also happend at random, and without any rhyme or reason, the mouse would have a problem turning the 360 it normally did flawlessly.
3: VOice chat not showing up

Are there any fixes for these

Edit: The mouse problem is a fucking weird one, it won’t allow me to go to the right or buttom, so at times I have problem pressing on things. Changing resolution does jack shit, and the only temporary fix is windowed fullscreen


Mouse Not Going Down To Servers – I would recommend a full reinstall of FiveM, let me know if that does anything.

Voice Chat Not Appearing – Your GTA 5 may be recognizing another microphone as your default mic, I reccomend you check out this website to test this theory. (


First fix: I did a full reinstall and it did absolutely nothing. It still will not allow me to go to the bottom of the screen. It’s honestly tidious, because when I use the alt ENTER tactic to have it go window and allow me to press it, it still doesnt. Another thing, when I magically happend to get to the server list, the mouse is bugged in a way, that, lets say the mouse is in the middle, but when you press it, it presses something below where the mouse actually is.

Second fix: The mic was playing audio, it was just that the logo that used to appear like “Insert name is talking” Didnt show up


Is your mouse input type in-game set to ‘Raw Input’?

That’s not part of the game itself, that’s server/client mods adding it.


I think it was set to windows. I will try to open GTA 5 alone first, then change the input to raw, and return to you.


UPDATE: I had it set to windows instead of raw input, but it seems to make no difference, as my mouse still wont move a certain way down, or to the right. Do I need to reinstall the game after setting this up, or is there another way of fixing it