Problem with the sighmir garage



Hi Forum!
I’m new I do not have a lot of skills but I’m excited and I’m pretty good with the server but today inserting an add-on vehicle I had a problem.
I’m using everything in the garage, los santos sighmir scripts.
In practice, add-on vehicles have also been added to the showroom, they are affordable and once made they can be spawned by vrp_garage (always sighmir).
The problem arises when a vehicle is to be deposited.
I’ll explain :
If I go shopping an add-on vehicle and after I want to park it in blip blue always sighmir I check the script there are no vehicles nearby to park.
And I’m going crazy without realizing what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed, because some add-on vehicles I’ve been doing exactly the bikes (eg TMAX, KTM and CBR) even makes them park.
If anyone with good spirits can help me thank him.