Problem with starting launcher, then uninstalled and now have issue when installing



Latest Version of gta
Everything is up to date
Legit Copy
Windows 10
Tried deleting caches
error link:
Windows 10 64bit
AMD phenom II X6 1090t
Nvidia GTX 970
8Gb Ram
Turned off my pc when I came back the next day the program wouldnt launch but would show this error, tried uninstalling and downloaded client file again, when I went to open the EXE to install it showed same error, all other games work fine.
Did not get this issue when on a server.
My log files are unavailable as I had uninstalled the game.

No issues with starting prior to this

have tried manually putting dxgi.dll into game file which fixed some previous errors, have tried dll repair tool and did not fix, have cleaned registry and attempted to manually replace the affected dll files but did not have permission from Trusted Installer, tried to rectify this but would not allow me to change owner of SYS32 or SYSWOW64


plz help im going crazy


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