Problem with second server



I am admin of a server and when I try to open the second server from the player access problems, to the JSON DATA.
is my problem so dedicated or does FiveM still have flaws in the system?


There’s something wrong with your server, not FiveM. It looks like you’re running like 500 resources judging by the listing. Try removing some and narrow down the issue that way. If you want to quickly verify that it is indeed a resource issue, just start the server with no resources and join.


the server has 204 resources, do you say that they are too many?


try running without any custom resources see if it boots up, if it does then, its a plugin on your server


204 I would say is way too many I always keep below 80 and never go over 100, that’s my opinion though.


ok I’ll try, thank you


so it is always better not to exceed 100 resources when you open more than one server?


It all depends on your server hosting, I would recommend zap instead of a vps / dedicated server but don’t say it’s lagging when you buy the cheapest server and run 200 resources :wink:


I would suggest getting your own vps, you can probably find a better deal with better specs easily.
Send me a pm if you want me to help you find a good host


For some people zap-hosting is a lot better as it has a very nice panel and the server runs well.


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