Problem with custom cars




I am hosting a server, and im streaming some custom cars. The problem is, whenever i add a custom vehicle, and try to spawn it, my game crashes. The custom vehicles ive had there for a while works, but not the ones i add now. Any suggestions? All the cars are in the same stream folder.


One of the files is over 16mbs or its a rare “i don’t want to work” cars


Couple of possible scenarios (could be others not listed here, but these are the most common):

  • the vehicle files are corrupted
  • the vehicle files could be larger than 16mb
  • you made an error while installing the meta files for the vehicle
  • you made an error when creating a resource for the files
  • the meta files are broken
  • (unlikely) possibly a server/client cache issue


Thanks, it was above 16mb. I deleted some of the useless textures, got it under 16mb, and now it works :smiley: