Problem spawning police vehicles police , police3 , and Sheriff slot


I keep getting this error when I try to spawn police , police3, Sheriff slots for vehicle it crashes when you hit those all I did was a a new livery on those and ever since then I’ve had this error when you try to spawn police , police3, Sheriff, vehicles and this happing on my 2 servers idk if this is a problem for me or anyone else idk what to do the error code is this

can you please help me


Error Format
Please provide the requested information using the above template.



I can’t provide the other things sorry


Remove the models which you added those liveries to, if spawning them causes your game to crash the model is obviously corrupted or broken. I’d suggest asking the original model creator for help if you want to add custom liveries.


Well I’m going to try the vehicles I made custom livery’s before the other ones I put in see what happens


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